Foam Moulding Plants

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DOOR PLANT: Crios Cannon, 8 fixtures drum type 2200 x 900 x 200 daylight, automatic change over of inner mould, manipulator for foamed doors unloading. Year 2001. Foaming machine 2off Penta Twin 100 [foaming is done contemporaly with 2 heads though a manipulator placed on the top part of the drum. All C-Pentane CABINET LINE: Crios Cannon, 6 rotoplugs 2200 x 950 x 750 mm. 1off carriage with automatic foaming facility. Year 2001. Foaming Machine 1off Penta Twin 200. all C-Pentane

Country: Luxembourg

Published on 25 Feb 2014
Bid deadline the 26 May 2014