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Kitchen sponge line-CompletSale offer


So about raw materials for kuitchen sponge you can use low density of polyerethane sponge aand spray it with glu(with equipment which we have) and put in pres for a 30min(30 pcs of table 120cmx100cm sponge with thicknes 30mm conect with fibre abrasive,and are ready for packing machine you can pack all kind of sponge,all so cellulosig sponge,dust cloth etc,all kind of them max detail you can pack in length 450mm and width 250mm,that is enogh for all kind sponge and dust cloth cellulosic sponge etc.capacity of producing sponge is aproximitely 10.000pcs/h

The machine is located in Prishtina,Republic of Kosovo.

Country: Albania

Published on 02 Jan 2019
Bid deadline the 01 Jul 2019