Low Pressure Foam Machines

Low pressure machine - SE7 SAIP


Designed and developed to dispense all kinds of polyurethane foams in environment friendly conditions, SE series low pressure machines easily meet any production requirement thanks to their sturdy construction and their simplicity of use. SE series low pressure polyurethane foam dispensing machines are available in a wide range of models with an output from 7 to 300 Kg/min. and components ratio variation from 1:5 to 5:1. SE series is powered by a PLC control and a Saip TS operator process control to set and display the working parameters. SE series output and ratio variation is powered by a mechanical system with manual components fl ow adjustement.

The advantages:

• user friendly 

• high quality construction materials 

• easy maintenance 

• precise metering, accuracy and    repeatability 

• calibration directly on the mixing head 

• high mixing precision, repeatability and   uniformity 

• accurate components temperature  conditioning 

• automatic mixer cleaning